Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Wrath of the Pumpkin God

I have a lot to say on the subject of the P.A.C Squad, and my father, Arvin Stevens Sr.

I hope to use this blog to say it.

Until I start doing that, let me just state that I recently posted the first P.A.C Squad book as an eBook.



It's actually not the "first" book by any stretch -- it's actually #7 in the series. I did this for two reasons -- it's probably my favorite of all of them, and it's nearly Halloween.

There might be a third reason -- it's also one of the shortest of all the books, barely qualifying as a "novella," more of a long short story. (And not even a particularly long short story, at that.) So it took me less time to transfer it to eBook format.

The original title was THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME. I'm not sure what my dad was thinking with that. What things? Religion? The environment? Drug use? These are all topics touched on in the book.

Obviously Dad lifted quite a few ideas from the Stephen King short story (and the later films) CHILDREN OF THE CORN. Except there aren't any children here. Just werewolves and the PAC Squad, and a voodoo drug gang.

Some people who have read these say the portrayal of the Jamaicans is rather racist. Certainly it's simplistic. I can say my father didn't like anybody very much -- the portrayal of white people in the country in this novel isn't particularly pleasant, either.