What is the P.A.C Squad?

The P.A.C Squad is the Paranormal Activities Control Squad. They were created by my father in 1991 or so, in a series of fifteen adventures that he wrote after returning from the First Gulf War, aka Operation Desert Storm.

The first two books were apparently published by Pinnacle, although I've yet to be able to find any copies available on Ebay or any used book stores.

Were they intended as satires? Yeah, I think that's obvious. Some have said they're just bizarre or ridiculous, but I think it's clear they are intended to be funny. My father took tremendous amounts of LSD and smoked a lot of cannabis at that time.

In the stories, the P.A.C Squad is a governmental agency, founded by President Reagen in 1984, formed to fight supernatural menaces.

(I should add that the books pre-date THE X-FILES by a couple years. The tone is rather more similar to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, which premiered a few years later. Regrettably my father was dead by that time, so he never saw either.)

The members of the PAC Squad include:

Corporal Rupert Donaldson, US Army, abducted when young by a family of Sasquatch

Jack Rayon, head of security, the gruff and deadly Vietnam veteran and tough guy

Bobby Fedora, the New Age investigator and optimist

Sachet Saperstein
, a former male fashion model and "left-brain" of the PAC Squad

Tina Bouffant, the blind psychometricist

Tom and Johansen Sparrow, Finnish twin brothers and hitmen

Raynar, the Turkish psychic

Dr. Venerius, the crotchey Austrian researcher and mad doctor

Here's a little artist's conception.