Church of the Eternal Succubus


The P.A.C. Squad discovers the vilest of evils blossoming in a place where the good have lost hope . . .

Jack Rayon only wants to visit his incarcerated brother, but someone has other ideas -- namely, the world's deadliest assassin.

This ice-cold killer is as supernaturally focused on his task as he is hampered in his abilities to communicate -- but he is guided by a brilliant partner, deadly and immature in equal measures, a hateful young super-genius in a frail body.

But combat, violence, and death are in Jack Rayon's blood -- and Sachet Saperstein is at his side.

Yet as the battle rages to an old abandoned church that turns out to be all too occupied, all of them are about to encounter something that they hate and fear even more than they hate and fear each other -- a terrifying evil as old as mankind, nursing an insatiable lust for vengeance. . .

This is #6 in the extraordinary adventures of the P.A.C Squad. Look for more adventures soon.

* * *

Here it is -- the book that ended my father's writing career.

I've entered all the books in the Amazon Prime Kindle thing, so you can borrow them for free -- sadly that means I can't make them available on Smashwords anymore. For now anyway. Right now I'm just trying to get the "word" out there.

(Hell, you want a copy in some other format? Just email me.)

Tucked in this manuscript is where I found the letter from father's publishers telling him that they would no longer be publishing any of his adventures. The word "depraved" is used.

I gotta say -- it's no worse than some shit that I read in other action adventure series from the 70's and early 80's, like SABAT and the CRIME MINISTER. More on that later.

Alas, it was the early 90's, and "politically correct" was the order of the day. There was no more room for autistic hitmen slugging it out with undead nuns. . .

And of course, two words: vagina dentata.